The chronological historian

Publication Date1747
Remaindercontaining a regular account of all material transactions and occurrences, ecclesiastical, civil, and military, relating to the English affairs, From the Invasion of the Romans, to the Fourteenth Year of King George II. With the Creations and Promotions of the Nobility and Baronets, Ministers of State, Generals, Judges, Attorneys, and Solicitors-General, as they stand in Order of Time: Whereby that Confusion, which generally mislcads the Reader in the Perusal of our Historians, for want of an exact Chronology, is prevented, and other Defects and Omissions supplied. By Mr. Salmon, Author of The Modern History, &c. Illustrated with the effigies of all our English monarchs, curiously engraven from Original Paintings, by Mr. Vertue. In two volumes.
Publisherprinted for R. Ware, T. Longman and T. Shewell, C. Hitch, A. Clarke, J. Hodges, S. Austen, M. Cooper, B. Dod, R. Dodsley, J. Hinton, J. and J. Rivington


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