God's judgments upon the Gentile apostatized church

Publication Date1713
RemainderAgainst the modern hypothesis of some eminent apocalyptical writers. In four parts. To which is prefix'd, a preface suited to these Present Times: and a discourse of St. Ephrem Syrus concerning Antichrist and the End of the World: Done into English from the Greek, with Notes. Together with Dr. Grabe's Opinion of the scripture-prophecies concerning the Church of Rome; and his reasons why the Spiritual Adultery of the said Church is not properly an Antichristian State of Worship: Extracted from some Letters of his and other Manuscripts
Publisherprinted for R. Knaplock at the Bishop's Head, R. and J. Bonwicke at the Red Lion, and H. Clements at the Half Moon in St. Paul's Church-Yard


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