A survey of trade

Publication Date1718
RemainderIn four parts. I. The great advantages of trade in general, and the particular influence of it on Great-Britain. II. The marks of a beneficial trade, and the nature of our commerce in its several branches; with an examination of some notions generally received of the prejudices we suffer by other nations in trade. III. The great advantages of our colonies and plantations to Great-Britain, and our interest in preserving and encouraging them; and how they may be further improved. IV. Some considerations on the disadvantages our trade at present labours under, and for the recovery and enlargement of it. Together with considerations on our money and bullion. Its exportation discuss'd. Scarcity of silver coin accounted for. The means of procuring a plenty and free circulation of both species.
Publisherprinted by W. Wilkins, for W. Hinchliffe, at Dryden's Head under the Royal-Exchange



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