Court cookery: or, The compleat English cook

Publication Date1725
RemainderContaining the choicest and newest receipts for making making soops, pottages, fricasseys, harshes, farces, ragoo's, cullises, sauses, forc'd-meats, and souses: with various ways of dressing most sorts of flesh, fish, and fowl, wild, and tame; with the best methods of potting, collaring and pickling. As likewise of pastes, pies, pasties, patties, puddings, tansies, biskets, creams, cheesecakes, florendines, cakes, jellies, sillabubs and custards. Also of candying and preserving: with a bill fare for every month in the year, and the latest improvements in cookery, pastry, &c. By R. Smith, cook (under Mr. Lamb) to King William, as also to the Dukes of Buckingham, Ormond, D'Aumont (the French Ambassador) and others of the nobility and gentry
PublisherPrinted for T. Wotton, at the Three-Daggers in Fleet-Street



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