ArchŠologia Cornu-Britannica

Publication Date1790
Remainderor, an essay to preserve the ancient Cornish language; containing the rudiments of that dialect, in a Cornish grammar and Cornish-English vocabulary, compiled from a variety of materials which have been inaccessible to all other authors. Wherein The British Original of some Thousand English Words in common Use is demonstrated; together with that of the Proper Names of most Towns, Parishes, Villages, Mines, and Gentlemen's Seats and Families, in Wales, Cornwall, Devonshire, and other Parts of England. By William Pryce, M. D. of Redruth, Cornwall, author of Mineralogia Cornubiensis
Publisherprinted by W. Cruttwell; and sold by Dilly, Poultry, London London; Fletcher, Oxford; Merrill, Cambridge; R. Cruttwell, Bath; and Grigg and Son, Exeter


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