An enquiry into the patriarchal and druidical religion, temples, &c

Publication Date1755
RemainderBeing the substance of some letters to Sir Hildebrand Jacob, Bart. Wherein, the primaeval institution and universality of the Christian scheme is manifested; The principles of the patriarchs and druids are laid open and shewn to correspond entirely with each other, and both with the doctrines of Christianity; The earliest antiquities of the British Islands are explained; and an account given of the sacred structures of the druids; Particularly the stupendous works of Abiry, Stonehenge, &c. in Wiltshire, are minutely described. By William Cooke, M. A. Rector of Oldbury and Didmarton in Gloucestershire, Vicar of Enford in Wiltshire, and Chaplain to the Right Honourable the Earl of Suffolk. Illustrated with copper plates.
Publisherprinted for Lockyer Davis at Lord Bacon's Head near Salisbury Court, Fleetstreet


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