A complete history of the most remarkable transactions at sea

Publication Date1720
Remainderfrom the earliest accounts of time to the conclusion of the last war with France. Wherein Is given an Account of the most considerable Naval-Expeditions, Sea-Fights, Stratagems, Discoveries, and Other Maritime Occurrences that have happen'd among all Nations which have flourished at Sea: And in a more particular manner of Great Britain, from the time of the Revolution, in the Year 1688, to the aforesaid Period. Adorn'd with Sea-Charts adapted to the History. With an exact Index of the Names of all the Places where any considerable Battel has been fought, in any Part of the World. In five books. By Josiah Burchett, Esq; Secretary of the Admiralty.
Publisherprinted by W. B. for J. Walthoe in the Temple Cloysters, and J. Walthoe junior against the Royal Exchange in Cornhill





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