The logographic-Emblematical English spelling book

Publication Date1800
Remainderor, a method of teaching children to read. Being founded upon an entirely new principle, by which any Infant, Four or Five Years old, and of ever so slow an Apprehension, will, with the greatest Ease to himself, and Teachers acquire, in a few Months, the utmost steadiness and fluency in Reading, and be enabled to make his way, at first sight, through any Book that may be put in his hands. To which are added instructions to enable any Persons to put this method in practice; as likewise four copper-plates, exhibiting the Emblems upon which this System is founded. By Mr. Lenoir, Professor of the French Language and Belles-Lettres, and Author of la Pratique de L'Orateur Franc?ois, of L'Eloge Fune?bre de Louis XVI. of the French Logographic Emblematical Spelling Book, and several other esteemed Publications
Publisherprinted by J. Nichols, Earl's-Court, Soho; and sold for the author by Messrs. T. Boosey, Broad-Street, behind the Royal Exchange; J. Mawman, successor to Dilly, No. 22, in the Poultry; and Cadell and Davies, in the Strand


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