Modern history

Publication Date1732
Remainderor, the present state of all nations. Describing their respective situations, persons, habits, Buildings, Manners, Laws and Customs, Religion and Policy, Arts and Sciences, Trades, Manufactures and Husbandry, Plants, animals and minerals. By Mr. Salmon. Vol.XV. Contains, I. An Account of the Government, Magistracy, and Courts of Judicature in the City of London; Of the several Inns of Court and Chancery, and of the Hospitals and other Charitable Foundations there. II. A Description of the City of Westminster, the Antiquities of the Abby, the Royal Palaces, and other magnificent Buildings in that City; with an Account of the Government and Magistracy thereof. III. Shews how plentifully the Town is supply'd with Water, and all manner of Provisions: Treats of the several Classes, or Degrees of People in it; their Numbers, Way of Life, and Diversions, particularly of the Entertainments of the Stage, and the Arguments for and against them: And contains, IV. Remarks on the several Great Trading Companies in London, particularly that of the South-Sea; and on the Foreign Trade of this City to all Parts of the World. Illustrated with cuts
Publisherprinted for Tho. Wotton, at the Three Daggers and Queen's Head against St. Dunstan's Church; J. Shuckburgh, near the Inner-Temple-Gate; both in Fleet-Street: and T. Osborne, in Grays-Inn


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