Modern history

Publication Date1731
Remainderor, the present state of all nations. Describing their respective situations, persons, habits, Buildings, Manners, Laws and Customs, Religion and Policy, Arts and Sciences, Trades, Manufactures and Husbandry, Plants, animals and minerals. By Mr. Salmon. Vol. XIV. Treats of the Islands of Britain, and more at large of the South Part of Great Britain call'd England, describing the Face of the Country, the Mountains, Forests, Seas, Rivers, Fisheries, Soil, Vegetables, and the several Species of Animals it produces. 2. The Persons and Habits of the Natives. 3. Their Genius and Temper, Virtues and Vices. 4. Their Diet, Rural Sports and other Diversions. 5. Their Husbandry and Gardening: And, 6thly and lastly, Treats of the several Antient Divisions of England, and the Modern Division of it into Circuits and Counties, and herein more particularly of the County of Middlesex and City of London, shewing the Antient as well as Present State of that Metropolis. Illustrated with cuts and maps, accurately Drawn, according to the Geographical Part of this Work, by Herman Moll
Publisherprinted for Tho. Wotton, at the Three Daggers and Queen's Head against St. Dunstan's Church; J. Shuckburgh, near the Inner Temple-Gate; both in Fleet-Street: and T. Osborne, in Grays-Inn


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