Modern history

Publication Date1727
Remainderor, the present state of all nations. Describing their respective situations, persons, habits, Buildings, Manners, Laws and Customs, Religion and Policy, Arts and Sciences, Trades, Manufactures and Husbandry, Plants, animals and minerals. By Mr. Salmon. Vol.VI. Containing The Present State of the Russian, or Muscovite Empire; and of the Kingdoms of Sweden, Denmarr and Norway: Treating also of Greenland, and other Countries near the Pole; and shewing that Greenland is probably contiguous both to Asia and America, and that there is Land and not Sea about the Pole. It contains also some Account of the Whale and Herring Fisheries; and shews the Advantage that would accrue to Britain by the Encouragement of them. Illustrated with cuts and maps, accurately Drawn, according to the Geographical Part of this Work, by Herman Moll
Publisherprinted for James Crokatt at the Golden Key, near the Inner-Temple-Gate in Fleet-Street



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