Modern history

Publication Date1734
Remainderor, the present state of all nations. Describing their respective situations, persons, habits, Buildings, Manners, Laws and Customs, Religion and Policy, Arts and Sciences, Trades, Manufactures and Husbandry, Plants, animals and minerals. By Mr. Salmon. Vol.II. Which contains the State of the Islands of Amboyna-Banda, and the Molucca's, where the Spices grow; and shews how barbarously the English were expell'd from those Islands by the Dutch. It contains also the State of Borneo, Java, and Sumatra, and enters upon the Continent of India, or the Empire of the Great Mogul. Illustrated with cuts, and maps, accurately Drawn, according to the Geographical Part of this Work, by Herman Moll
Publisherprinted for James Crokatt at the Golden Key, near the Inner-Temple-Gate in Fleet-Street



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