Dictionarium rusticum & urbanicum

Publication Date1704
Remainderor, a dictionary of all sorts of country affairs, handicraft, trading, and merchandizing. Containing more particularly The whole Art of Gardening, viz. Sowing, Setting, Grafting, Transplanting, Salleting, &c. with the Names, Descriptions, and Uses, of all kinds of Plants, Flowers, and Fruits. The Raising and Ordering of all manner of Forest and Fruit-Trees, and Dwarfs. Agriculture in the various Parts of it, and the modern Improvements made therein. The Gentleman's Recreation; or the Arts of Hunting, Hawking, Fishing, Fowling, Ferreting, Cock-Fighting, &c. including (besides the several Animals) the Tackling, Nets, and different Instruments used therein. The Breeding, Feeding, and Managing of all sorts of Cartle, as also of Bees, Poultry, and Singing-Birds; with all their respective Diseases, and Cures. The preparing of all Sorts of English Liquors, common Eatables and Drinkables; with the several parts of Country Housewifry. The Digging, Refining, &c. of Minerals; Salt, and Sugar-Works; and the Arts of making Brick, Birdlime, Gunpowder, Shot, &c. Merchandizing, Trading, and Handicraft Terms and Instruments. The Produce, Manufactory, &c. of the Counties of England, and of Foreign Parts. The ancient Customs, and natural Rarities of England. Illustrated with cuts of all sorts of nets, traps, engines, &c
Publisherprinted for A. and J. Churchill, at the Black-Swan, in Pater-Noster Row, and John Taylor at the Ship, in St. Paul's Church-Yard



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