A general history of England, from the invasion of the Romans under Julius Cİ?sar, to the late revolution in MDCLXXXVIII

Publication Date1744
RemainderIncluding the histories of the neighbouring people and states, so far as they are connected with that of England. To which are added, five dissertations; I. Upon the dark and fabulous ages of the British history; in which will be contained the earliest accounts we have of the history, manners, customs, laws, &c. of the ancient britons; and an examination of credit due to the English and other writers, who have treated of those times. II. Upon the great revolution of the English government under Egbert, about the year 828, and its concurrent causes. III. Upon the independency of the Crown of Scotland. IV. Concerning the norman engraftments upon the English laws and government. V. Concerning the alienation and accession of property, with the great effects they have had upon our constitution since the reign of Henry VII. By William Guthrie, Esq
PublisherPrinted by Daniel Browne, for T. Waller, at the Crown and Mitre, opposite to Fetter-lane, in Fleet-street





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