An account of the constitutional English polity of congregational courts

Publication Date1786
Remainderand more particularly of the great annual court of the people, called the View of Frankpledge, Wherein the whole Body of the Nation was arranged into regular Divisions of Tithings, Hundreds, &c. The happy Effects of that excellent Institution, in preventing Robberies, Riots, &c. whereby, in Law, it was justly deemed "summa et maxima Securitas. - That it would be equally beneficial to all other Nations and Countries, as well under monarchical as republican Establishments; and that, to the English Nation in particular, it would afford an effectual Means of reforming the Corruption of Parliaments by rendering the Representation of the People perfectly equal, in exact numerical Proportion, to the total Number of Householders throughout the whole Realm. Intended as an appendix to several tracts on national defence, &c. The second edition. By Granvill Sharp
Publisher(first printed in 1784:) reprinted for B. White, Fleet-Street, and C. Dilly, in the Poultry


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