Vectigalium systema

Publication Date1718
Remainderor, a new book of rates. Containing, a complete view of the revenue of Great Britain, called Customs. Wherein I. The several branches of that revenue are distinctly treated of, and Explain'd by Examples. II. The Manner and Method of Computing both in the Custom houses, and at the Waterside, are Demonstrated; With Rules, Directions, and Variety of Tables, for the more certain and expeditious Operations. III. The Rates of all Merchandizes Inwards, and the Net Duties to be Paid or Secured at Importation, or Drawn back on Exportation in Time, on all Goods whatsoever, both Rated and Unrated, are exactly and carefully Calculated, with References respectively for Working and Proving them; And likewise the Rates and Duties payable Outwards and Coastwise. IV. The laws relative to the customs, navigation and trade, are abstracted under proper heads in Alphabetical Order; With Lists of Goods Prohibited to be Imported or Exported, and of the Legal Ports, Members, and Creeks in Great Britain, a Table of Fees, and several other useful Tables. The Whole digested in a Plain and Easie Method for the Benefit of the Officers of the Customs, and of all concern'd in Trade. By William Edgar, Examinator of the Customs in Ireland
Publisherprinted for the author, by John Basket, Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty; and sold by Andrew Bell at the Cross-Keys and Bible in Cornhill, and John Osborn at the Oxford-Arms in Lombard-Street




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