An essay on crimes and punishments

Publication Date1782
Remainderwith a view of, and commentary upon Beccaria, Rousseau, Voltaire, Montesquieu, Fielding, and Blackstone. In Which Are Contained Treatises Of the Idea of God and Religion, (as an incentive to Virtue) -Scepticism and Faith (as conducive to Knowledge) -Heresy and Toleration (as an Enemy to and a Promoter of Hapiness) -Religion in general (as a support to public Peace) Of the Progress of it since the Reformation (as productive of Liberty) -The Idea of Honour, Ambition, and Pride (as the Source of criminal Offences) And of Morality (as the Source of all Good) By M. Dawes, Of The Inner Temple, Esq
Publisherprinted for C. Dilly, In The Poultry; and J. Debrett (successor to Mr. Almon) Piccadilly


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