A description of the English province of Carolana

Publication Date1741
RemainderBy the Spaniards call'd Florida, and by the French, La Louisiane. Viz. I. A description of the great and famous River Meschacebe, or Missisipi. II. A Description of the Countries, People, Rivers, Bays, Harbours and Islands, to the East of Meschacebe. III. A Description of the Sea Coast, the large Rivers; their Heads and Courses, to the West of Meschacebe. IV. A Description of the Five great Seas or Lakes of fresh Water. V. A new and curious Discovery of an easy Communication between the River Meschacebe and the South-Sea, which separates America from China, by means of several large Rivers and Lakes; with a Description of the said Sea, to the Streights of Uries; as also of a rich and considerable Trade to be carry'd on from thence to Japan, China and Tartary. VI. An account of the useful animals, vegetables, metals, minerals, and other rich and valuable Commodities, which this Province naturally produces. Vii. An appendix, containing the original Charter, &c. With a large and curious preface, demonstrating the right of the English to that country, and the unjust Manner of the French usurping of it; their prodigious Increase there, &c. and the inevitable Danger our other Colonies on the Continent will be exposed to, if not timely prevented; interspersed with many useful Hints, in Regard to our Plantations in General. To which is added, a large and accurate map of Carolana, and of the River Meschacebe. By Daniel Coxe, Esq
PublisherPrinted for and sold by Olive Payne, at Horace's Head in Pope's-Head Alley, Cornhill, opposite the Royal Exchange


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