An illustration and mensuration of solid geometry

Publication Date1787
Remainderin seven books: containing forty-two moveable copper-plate schemes for forming the various kinds of solids, and their sections; by which the doctrine of solids in general, and those in the Eleventh, Twelfth, and Fifteenth Books of Euclid are elucidated, and rendered more easy to Learners than by any Work hitherto published. Book I. Contains the five regular Solids. II. Shews the Inscription and Circumscription thereof, as set forth in the Fifteenth Book of the Elements. III. Exhibits a great Variety of irregular Solids. IV. Contains sundry Sorts of Prisms. V. Various Kinds of Pyramids, and Frustrums thereof. VI. Some difficult Propositions in the Eleventh and Twelfth Books. Vii. The Cone and its several Sections. By the late John Lodge Cowley, F. R. S. Professor Of The Mathematics In The Royal Academy At Woolwich. The third edition. Revised, corrected, and augmented, by William Jones, Mathematical Instrument Maker
Extent32p.,XLII plates
Publisherprinted by S. Gosnell, No. 13, Rolles Buildings, Fetter Lane, for the editor, and sold by him, at No. 135, Holborn, and by the following booksellers; T. Payne and Son, Mews Gate; B. White and Son, Fleet Street; C. Dilly, Poultry; J. Robson and W. Clarke, Bond Street


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