The new spelling dictionary

Publication Date1766
Remainderteaching to write and pronounce the English tongue with ease and propriety; In which Each Word is accented according to its just and natural Pronunciation; the Part of Speech is properly distinguished, and The various Senses are ranged in one Line; with a list of proper names of men and women. The Whole Compiled and digested in a Manner entirely new, to make it a Complete Pocket Companion For those That read Milton, Pope, Addison, Shakespear, Tillotson and Locke, or other English Authors of Repute in Prose or Verse. And in particular to assist young People, Artificers, Tradesmen and Foreigners, desirous to understand what they speak, read and write. To which is prefixed, a grammatical introduction to the English Tongue. By the Rev. John Entick, A. M. Editor of Littleton's Lat. and Eng. Dict. and Schrevelius's Greek Lexicon
Publisherprinted for Edward and Charles Dilly, in the Poultry, near the Mansion House



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