The new law list, being a list of the judges, and officers of the courts of Chancery, King's Bench, Common Pleas, Exchanquer, &c. &c. A list of Counsel, special pleaders, And Conveyancers; To Which IS Added a complete and accurate list of all the certificated attornies in England and Wales, As printed by Permission of the Commissioners of the Stamp Office: And To This Edition IS Added The London Agents to the Country Attornies; Table of Sheriffs and Agents, List of Bankers, Mail Coaches, Newspapers, Army and Navy Agents. Law and Public Offices, Circuits of the Judges, &c. And a Variety of other useful

Publication Date1800
PublisherPrinted [by R. Noble] for W. Clarke and Son, Portugal-Street. Lincoln's-Inn; E. and R. Brooke, and J. Rider, Bell-Yard; and R. Pheney, Temple Gate. 1800. R. Nolle, Printer, Old Bailey



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