The antient history and description of the city of Exeter

Publication Date1765
RemainderContaining, The Antient History, &c. of the City; together with an Account of the sundry Assaults given thereto from Time to Time, and the Sieges it has sustain'd, viz. by the Romans, under Vespasian, A. D. 49 ;- by Penda, King of Mercia, in 632 ;- by the Danes, in 858, 877, 1001, and 1004 ;- by William the Conqueror, in 1068 ;- by the Earls of Devon, in 1137, and 1378 ;- in 1469, during the Civil Wars between the Houses of York and Lancaster ;- by Perkin Warbeck, in 1497 ;- by the Rebels of Devonshire and Cornwall, in 1549, &c. &c. Also a curious account of the antiquity, foundation, and building of St. Peter's cathedral church. With a catalogue of all the Bishops of Tawton, Crediton; and Exeter, And authentic Memoirs of their Lives. To which are added, The Offices and Duties (as of Old) of the sworn Officers of the City. Compiled and digested from the works of Hooker, Izacke, and others
Publisherprinted and sold by R. Trewman, behind the Guildhall; by whom all Manner of Printing-Work is neatly and expeditiously performed on the most Reasonable Terms

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