A voyage to Georgia

Publication Date1744
RemainderBegun in the year 1735. Containing, an account of the settling the town of Frederica, in the Southern Part of the Province; and a Description of the Soil, Air, Birds, Beasts, Trees, Rivers, Islands, &c. With the rules and orders made by the Honourable the Trustees for that settlement; including the Allowances of Provisions, Cloathing, and other Necessaries to the Families and Servants which went thither. Also A Description of the Town and County of Savannah, in the Northern Part of the Province; the Manner of dividing and granting the Lands, and the Improvements there: With an Account of the Air, Soil, Rivers, and Islands in that Part. By Francis Moore, Author of Travels into the Inland Parts of Africa
Publisherprinted for Jacob Robinson in Ludgate-Street



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