Proposals for printing by subscription, The natural, experimental, and medicinal history of the mineral waters of Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, and Yorkshire

Publication Date1732
RemainderParticularly those of Scarborough. Wherein. They are carefully examin'd and compared, their Contents discover'd and divided, their Uses shewn and explained, and an Account given of their Discovery and Alterations. Together with the Natural History of the Earths, Minerals and Fossils through which the Chief of them pass. The Groundless Theories, and False Opinions of former Writers are exposed, and their Reasonings demonstrated to be injudicious and inconclusive. To which are added, Large Marginal Notes, containing a Methodical Abstract of all the Treatises hitherto published on these Waters, with many Observations and Experiments, collected from various Manuscripts now in the Libraries of several ingenious Gentlemen. By Thomas Short, M. D. of Sheffield


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