The ready calculator

Publication Date1771
Remainderor, trader's certain guide, in computing the price, or amount of any quantity of goods and merchandizes. Containing, I. A correct large table of the Value of any Quantity of Goods, from I Pound, Yard, &c. to 100, 1000, or 10,000, at all the various Prices, increasing progressively from a Farthing to a Pound. II. -Simple Interest at 5 per Cent. for Days, Months, &c. III. -Commission or Brokerage. IV. -How to buy and sell by the Hund. Weight to Advantage. V. Rules to find the Changes of the Moon, &c. VI. -The Dominical Letters to the Year 1800. Vii. Value of Foreign Coins in Sterling Money. Viii. A Perpetual Diary, shewing the Day of the Week that begins any Month for ever. IX. -Value of the principal European Coins in American Currency. X. -Value of Gold and Silver in England. XI. -The Agreement which Weights and Measures have with each other, all over Europe. XII. -The Weights and Measures used in England. XIII. -English Money equated in Irish, and Irish in English. XIV. Of Annuities on Lives. XV. Catalogue of useful memorandums in Business. The second edition, corrected. By S. Thomas, merchant. Author o f The British negociator, or, Foreign-Exchanges Made Easy
Publisherprinted for Robinson and Roberts, No. 25, Pater-Noster Row; and T. Slack, in Newcastle


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