The e. of Pembrok's [sic] frolicks

Publication Date1711
Remaindercontaining all the comical pranks play'd by that peer whilst alive. As his getting into his Coach-Box, and driving his Lady through a deep Pond. His being out hector'd by a Liveguard Man. His Lordship's being kickt down Stairs by Yea and Nay a Quaker. His being Frighted by a Sergeant of the Foot-Guards. His baiting a live Taylor with Bull-Dogs. And his flinging several Pounds of Butter against a Tree, and Whipping the Dairy Maid who sold them him, for taking the Butter off the Tree again. How he lay with a Beggar-Woman and carring her Child home on his back to his Lady. His making sevral lace Women dance naked. His putting a Linker into a Hogshead of Ale. With several other vagaries, never yet in [p]rint. Licens'd and enter'd in the hall book according to order
Publisherprinted by D. Brown, in Fleet-Street


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