Publication Date1737
Remainderof the late Marquis de Feuquieres, Lieutenant-General of the French army. Written for the instruction of his son. Being an account of all the wars in Europe, from the year 1672, to the year 1710. In which is given a Curious Relation of the Sieges undertaken, and Battles fought, in that Period of Time. Particularly of the Battles and Encounters of Woerden in 1672. Seneffe 1674. Zintzheim 1674. Hinsheim 1674. Mulchausen 1674. Colmar 1674. Altenheim 1675. Consarbrick 1675. Cassell 1677. St. Dennis in 1678. Walcourt 1689. Flerus 1690. Stafarda 1690. Leuse 1691. Steenkirk 1692. Spireback 1692. Landen, or Narwinden 1693. Marsaglia in 1693. Carpi 1701. Chiari 1701. Crostolo 1702. Luzara 1702. Fridlinguen 1702. Spires 1703. Donawert 1704. Hochstet 1704. Eckeren in 1705. Calcinato 1706. Cassano 1706. Turin 1706. Ramillies 1706. Castiglione 1706. Almanza 1707. Oudenard 1708. Malplaquet 1709. With historical and critical observations on every great Transaction; highly useful to all who would understand the Art of War. Pointing out, in several particular instances, the errors and misconduct of Louis XIV. the Duke of Savoy, the Prince of Orange, Count de Montecuculi, the Marshals de Crequi, Humieres, Catinat, Villeroy, Boufflers, Tallard, Marsin, Villars, the Dukes of Vendome and Feuillade, &c. With the Characters, Enterprizes, and Military Conduct of the said Generals; as also of the Marshal de Turenne, the Prince of Conde, the Duke of Luxemburgh, Prince Eugene, and the Duke of Marlborough. And likewise the Intrigues, Views and Characters of M. Colbert, M. Louvois, M. Pomponne, and M. Chamillard, Ministers of State to Louis XIV. Comprizing useful Reflections on the Views, Politicks and Interests of the several Potentates of Europe; together with a brief Character of each of the Sovereign Princes who reigned in that Space of Time. Translated from the French. ...
Publisherprinted for T. Woodward, at the Half-Moon in Fleet-Street, and C. Davis . in Pater-Noster Row



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