An exposition of the Revelations

Publication Date1719
Remainderby shewing the agreement of the prophetick symbols with the history of the Roman, Saracen, and Ottoman Empires, and of the Popedom. To this are added these Remarks on this Prophecy. I. The great Usefulness of the Interpretation of the Revelation. II. The Chronology of the Symbolical History, and its Events. III. An Answer to the Papists Evasions, that the Whore is the State of Pagan Rome, or a future State of it. IV. Notes on the several Figures of the Roman Empire in this Prophecy. V. Notes on the several Temples, mention'd in this Prophecy, on the Sealing of the Saints, and on the City called New Jerusalem. And in this Prophecy the three States of the Saints after Death are plainly described; the Separate State of their Souls, their Millennary Reign with Christ on Earth, and their Glorious State in the new Heaven and Earth
Publisherprinted for M. Johnson bookseller in Litchfield, and sold by D. Midwinter and J. Holland in St. Paul's Churchyard, and Mrs. Tracy on London-Bridge [London]


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