The mariner's mirror

Publication Date1782
Remainderor, a new treatise on navigation, in theory and practice. Part I. Contains the principles of navigation, in a Method more universal than any extant, including the fundamental Theorems of Nautical Astronomy; Correction of the Lunar Parallax; Tables of Meridional Parts adapted to the Figure of the Earth; with a new Construction of several Nautical Scales, and other Instruments. Part II. A Method of Finding the Longitude of a Ship at Sea; and The Place and Latitude of the Moon by Interpolation. Part III. A System of Logarithms in all the different Kinds, with their Applications; illustrated by the Logistic Curve at large; with the Construction and Delineation of all the Logarithmic Lines and Scales. Part IV. The young trigonometer's new guide; with Laws and Rules of the Stereographic Projection of the Sphere explained. Illustrated with eight copper-plates. By Benjamin Martin
Publisherprinted for Robert Sayer, No. 53. Fleet-Street


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