The lives of the most eminent English poets

Publication Date1794
RemainderWith critical observations on their works. By Samuel Johnson. A new edition, corrected. In four volumes. ...
Publisherprinted for T. Longman, B. Law, J. Dodsley, H. Baldwin, J. Robson, J. Johnson, C. Dilly, G.G. & J. Robinson, T. Cadell, P. Elmsly, J. Nichols, R. Baldwin, H.L. Gardner, T. Payne, F. & C. Rivington, W. Otridge, J. Sewell, W. Goldsmith, W. Richardson, R. Faulder, Leigh and Sotheby, G. Nicol, W. Lowndes, W. Bent, S. Hayes, G. & T. Wilkie, C. Davis, W. Nicoll, J. Matthews, J. Egerton, W. Fox, J. Edwards, Ogilvy & Speare, Scatcherd & Whitaker, J. Evans, Vernor & Hood, Clarke and Son, E. Newbery, and H. Murray


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