The lawyer out-law'd, and the biter bit

Publication Date1734
Remainderor, a pretty girl, if she has discretion, may have the disposal of her own maidenhead. Containing an entertaining and diverting account of the tragicomical adventures of Mr. Goosequill solicitor in Chancery, and his intended son-in-law Councellor Puzzle-Cause, in their journey to the former's country seat. Under the following Heads: I. How Mr. Puzzle-Cause blundered upon a Life-Guard-Man's Toe, and got kick'd into the Thames for his Pains. II. How his fine Perruque, wherein his whole Merit consisted, was thereby lost, to his no small Mortification. III. How he purchased another at Feversham, which immediately met with a lamentable Disaster. IIII. Mr. Puzzle-Cause's Rage at this mischance, which occasions a Tragicomical Squabble between the Tall Councellor and the Pigmy Perruke-Maker. V. Which did not end to the Councellor's Advantage. VI. How the Solicitor and Councellor were both in great Agonies about defraying the Charges of an Entertainment. Vii. How a Bastard is laid to the Councellor, which entirely ruins him in the Opinion of his intended Father-in-Law. Viii. How at last, to the Councellor's utter Confusion, during the contest between him and the intended Father-in-Law, an unexpected Rival appears, and wipes his Nose of his Mistress
Publisherprinted for R. Charlton, at her house at the Corner of Milford-Lane in the Strand, and at her shop the Corner of Swithn's-Alley near the Royal-Exchange



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