A collection of papers and other tracts, written occasionally

Publication Date1749
RemainderContaining, I. An essay on the nature of a publick spirit. II. The citizen. Containing twenty-five discourses on trade, with other practical and moral subjects, tending to encourage and promote both publick and private virtue. III. A dissertation on the liberty of the subject in Great-Britain. IV. An essay on the education of a young British nobleman. V. Observations on the office of an ambassador VI. A discourse on the present state of the British plantations in America, with respect to the interest of Great Britain. VII. A report to the Right Hon. the Lords Commissioners of Trade and Plantations in the year 1718. VIII. A discourse on the medium of commerce. IX. Some useful observations on the consequences of the war with Spain, 1740. By Sir William Keath, bart
PublisherPrinted for Jacob Loyseau, at the Bible in St. Clement's-Church-Yard


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