A complete system of book-keeping

Publication Date1758
Remainderafter the Italian method: in two parts. Part I. relating to theory, contains Rules for that Purpose never printed before in any Language; so few and short as to be learnt almost in an Instant, and retained without burthening the Memory; and so plain and perfect as that three Hours, or less, are sufficient to teach this whole Branch of it by them. - As also an Explanation of the Manner of keeping Accounts in two Sorts of Specie, namely, Domestic and Foreign for one and the same Article: without which neither Merchants who send Consignments abroad, or receive any Goods from thence for their own Accounts; nor Proprietors of Estates in Ireland, or else-where abroad, who reside here, can keep regular Accounts, and vice versa. - To which is added the Manner of keeping Bank, India, and other Stock after the Italian Method. - As likewise some Candid Animadversions on the erroneous and Imperfect Method of Book-Keeping taught and practised among us, contained in an Essay on Book-Keeping, &c. by Wm. Webster. Part II. relating to practice, contains a Plan of Commerce adapted to the Rules aforesaid, giving proper Examples of every Manner in which a Merchant can engage in Trade, and of the various Cases which may occur to him therein. -As also Directions how to apply the Italian Method of Book-Keeping, on the one Hand, to the Use of Warehousemen, Shopkeepers, &c. and of Proprietors of Estates, Stewards, &c. on the other. - Together with the Form of an Epitome, or Monthly Abstract of a Merchant's Books of Account; very proper to carry always about him, not only for disburthening his Memory, and enabling him to carry on his Business with a less Capital, but to shew him the State of his Affairs, if his Books should be destroyed by Fire, or any other Accident. By John London, late of Tiverton, Merchant
Publisherprinted for the author; and sold by Mr. Comyn, Mr. James, and Mr. Ward, at the Royal-Exchange in Cornhill; Mr. Keith in Gracechurch-Street; Mr. Baldwin in Pater-Noster-Row; Mr. Russel at Temple-Bar; and most other booksellers


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