The Ready calculator: or, tradesman's sure guide, in computing the price or amount of any quantity of goods or merchandizes

Publication Date1777
RemainderContaining, I. A correct large table of the value of any quantity of goods, from 1 Pound, Yard, &c. to 100, 1000, or 10,000, at all the various Prices, increasing progressively from a Farthing to a Pound. II. Simple Interest at 5 per Cent. for Days, Months, &c. III. Large Table of Commission, or Brokerage. IV. How to buy and sell by the Hundred Weight to Advantage. V. Rules to find the Changes of the Moon, &c. VI. The Dominical Letters to the Year 1800. VII. Value of Foreign Coins in Sterling Money. VIII. A Perpetual Diary, shewing the Day of the Week that begins any Month for ever. IX. Value of the principal European Coins in American Currency. X. Value of Gold and Silver in England. XI. The Agreement which Weights and Measures have with each other, all over Europe. XII. The Weights and measures used in England. XIII. English Money equated in Irish, and Irish in English. XIV. Of Annuities on ... XV. A catalogue of useful memorandums in business. The third edition, corrected. By S. Thomas, Merchant. Author of the British Negociator, or Foreign Exchanges made Easy
Publisherprinted for G. Robinson, No. 25, in Paternoster Row and T. Slack, in Newcastle



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