Tenants law

Publication Date1777
Remainderor, the laws concerning landlords, tenants, and farmers. (viz.) 1. Of the several Kinds of Tenants and Tenures. 2. Of Leases, Covenants, Conditions, Provisoes, Reservations, Surrenders, and Assignments of Leases. 3. Payment of Rent, Acceptance and Extinguishment thereof, Demands, Entries, Continuance, Limitations, and Determination of Leases. 4. Of Title to Crops growing, Trees blown down, &c. 5. Plain Directions for distraining for Rent, of Replevins, Avowries, and Rescous. 6. Of what is, or is not waste. 7. Of Ejectments, with special Instructions for serving the Declaration in Ejectment on Tenants in all Cases. 8. Of Common for Cattle. 9. Observations on Stat. 29 Car. 2; chap. 3. as to Frauds in buying or selling Lands or Goods. 10. Of Trespasses and Nusances to Farmers in particular. 11. Modern Remarks on Covenants in Leases. 12. Of recovering Rents from, and turning out of Possession Lodgers, and of the Welch Ejectment. 13. The new Building Act of 14 Geo. 3. chap 78. 14. Appendix of Precedents, wherein those with Lodgers are particularly attended to. Useful for all Landlords, Tenants, Farmers, Stewards, Agents, Solicitors and others, concerned in the buying, selling, or letting estates. The seventeenth edition, revised, with all the modern cases: in which are introduced all such Acts of Parliament and Resolutions, as relate to these subjects, down to the present year
Publisherprinted by His Majesty's law printers; for T. Whieldon and Co. opposite Fetter-Lane, Fleet-Street


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