Britannia Romana

Publication Date1732
Remainderor the Roman antiquities of Britain: in three books. The I. Contains the history of all the Roman Transactions in Britain, with an account of their legionary and auxiliary forces employed here, and a determination of the stations per lineam valli; also a large description of the Roman walls, with maps of the same laid down from a geometrical survey. II. Contains a compleat collection of the Roman inscriptions and sculptures which have hitherto been discovered in Britain, with the letters engraved in their proper shape and proportionate size, and the reading placed under each; as also an historical account of them, with explanatory and critical observations. III. Contains the Roman Geography of Britain, in which are given the originals of Ptolemy, Antonini Itinerarium, the Notitia, the anonymous Ravennas, and Peutinger's table, so far as they relate to this island, with particular essays on each of these ancient authors, and the several places in Britain mentioned by them. To which are added, A chronological table, and indexes to the inscriptions and sculptures after the manner of Gruier and Reinsius. also geographical indexes both of the latin and english names of the roman place in Britain, and a general index to the work. The whole illustrated with above an hundred copper plates. By John Horsley M.A. and F.R.S.
Publisherprinted for John Osborn and Thomas Longman, at the ship in Pater-noster Row



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