A genuine narrative of the life and actions of John Parry

Publication Date1754
Remainder(late steward to the Most Noble the Marchioness Dowager of Rockingham,) who received sentence of death, in April sessions, 1754, at Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily, for divers Robberies on Persons of Quality, &c. in and about the Squares at the Court-End of the Town, as they were returning home from their Evening Visits. Containing An authentic Account of his villainous Behaviour to the noble Lady whom he serv'd; and the Methods he contriv'd to defraud and impose on her Ladyship's Tradesmen, of whom he fraudulently borrowed considerable Sums of Money before he made his Escape to France. With a historical Account of his Behaviour there, and in Italy, and what besel him before he returned to England
Publisherprinted for H. Cook at the Royal-Exchange; and sold at the pamphlet-shops at Temple-Bar, Charing-Cross, and Westminster

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