A supplement to the English introduction of Lily's grammar

Publication Date1740
RemainderWith Select Rules of the Genders of Nouns and the Heteroclites; And a Select List of the Preterperfect Tenses and Supines of Verbs. The whole from Lily's Latin grammar published at Oxford: Which being join'd to his English Introduction, contain all that is necessary in Grammar for a Young Beginner. Also a Collection of Nouns and Verbs, containing all the Declinable Words of Terence's Andria, to serve as Examples of the Declensions and Conjugations. For the use of the School in Exon, commonly call'd the Free-School. With a Preface, in which an Account is given of the Method used in the two Lowest Forms of the said School, with the Reasons thereof; and a Defence of the early and long Use of Terence therein
Publisherprinted for Edward Score, over-against the Guild-Hall in Exeter: and sold by Sam. Birt in Ave-Mary Lane, London


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