A Choice collection of curious relations

Publication Date1739
RemainderContaining, I. The fair lady of Norwich; or, The pleasant history of two friars, John and Richard, both of a famous Abbey in the city of Norwich, in the reign of King Henry the fifth. II. A letter sent in the year 1663, from Mr. Yleward, organist of Christ Church in Norwich, to the then Feast-Hayners of the Mayor's-Guild; with their answer. III. The good man and the good woman; or, The famous stocking-knitter from Helsdon-Hall. A sermon preached at the funeral of Mr. Proctor, minister of Gissing. IV. The horse-mountebank's oration. V. The travels and adventures of a shilling, from Queen Elizabeth's reign to King George the second's. VI. A cure for complements, unmannerly curiosity, and impertinence. VII. Marriage ceremonies of diverse nations in the world. VIII. An epilogue, spoke by Jo. Haines, in the habit of an horse-officer, mounted on an ass; and since spoke several times at the Play-House in Norwich
PublisherPrinted for, and sold by Robert Goodman, on the Upper-Walk in the Market-Place, Norwich

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