Political reflections upon the finances and commerce of France

Publication Date1739
Remaindershewing the causes which formerly obstructed the advancement of her trade; on how much better footing it stands now than it did under Lewis XIV. with several Expedients for raising it still to a greater Heighth. Containing, among many other curious Things, An Account of the Proportions of Gold and Silver in the several Coins of Europe. A Comparison of the Revenues of Lewis XV. with those of several of his Predecessors. An Examination of the Course of Exchange between Paris, London, and Amsterdam, for a considerable number of Years together. Dissertations upon Navigation and Commerce in General. The Necessity of France's constantly maintaining a strong Naval Force. And, A curious Plan for enabling her to keep up a very powerful Fleet with the greatest Oeconomy and Advantage. Translated from the French; With a Preface by the Translator, setting forth the Reasons of publishing the Book at this Juncture
Publisherprinted for A. Millar, over-against St. Clement's Church in the Strand

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