An essay concerning marriage

Publication Date1724
RemainderShewing, I. The preference of marriage to a single life. II. The Arguments for and against a Plurality of Wives and Concubines. III. The Authority of Parents and Governors, in regulating or restraining Marriages. IV. The Power of Husbands, and the Privileges of Wives. V. The Nature of Divorce, and in what Cases it is allowable. VI. The Reasons of prohibiting Marriage within certain Degrees. Vii. The Manner of contracting Espousals, and what Engagements and Promises of Marriage are binding. Viii. The penalties incurred by forcible and clandestine marriages, and the Consequences attending Marriages solemnized by the Dissenters. To which is added, An Historical Account of the Marriage Rites and Ceremonies of the Greeks and Romans, and our Saxon Ancestors, and of most Nations of the World at this Day. The second edition. By Mr. Salmon
Publisherprinted for Charles Rivington at the Bible and Crown in St. Paul's Church-Yard


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