The universal pocket companion

Publication Date1741
Remainderbeing a more useful, instructive, comprehensive, and complete book, than of the like kind, ever yet published. Containing, among many other necessary and entertaining particulars, I. A geographical description of the world; with an account of the different parts thereof, and a map of the whole. II. A description and map of England; shewing the number of counties, cities, bishopricks, boroughs, market-towns, parishes, &c. III. London describ'd; with an account of the several wards, parishes, halls, colleges, churches, and what ever is remarkable, and a plan of the same. IV. An account of the several incorporated companies in London; with the prices of carpenters, bricklayers, plaisterers and painters work, &c. V. An account of the general and penny post. ... X. The gardener's kalendar, for every month in the year; with a new perpetural amanack. XI. A table, shewing at one view, the value of any goods, wares, or merchandize, by the pound, yard, gallon, &c. at any price, from a farthing to twenty shillings. XII. A table, and twenty-five geometrical problems, with their assign'd figures, apply'd to mensuration, gauging, surveying, &c. XIII. A tatle, shewing the discounts on goods imported; from a farthing and upwards. XIV.A table of salaries and wages, shewing what any yearly sum amounts to, by the month, week or day. XV. A table of interest for any number of days, at any rate. XVI. The rates and fares of coachmen, carmen, and watermen; with their rules and restrictions. The whole designed for the use, convenience and benefit of all persons whatever
Extentiv,[4],212,[2],ccxxxvii,[1]p., plates
PublisherPrinted for J. and J. Fox, R. Ware, C. Hitch, T. Astley, J. Hodges, C. Ward and R. Chandler, Ed. Withers, and J. Hawkins


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