A new abridgement and critical review of the state trials

Publication Date1737
RemainderWherein are inserted, several trials not in any other collection. Also, some trials that were taken in haste and scarce intelligible, are brought into regular order; and many Deficiencies throughout the Whole supply'd. Likewise, remarks are made on each trial, shewing what the Law in Criminal Cases anciently was; how it has been altered, and stands at this Day. Together with impartial Memoirs of the Times and Characters of the Sufferers. To which is added, a compleat Alphabetical index, of the Names of the Prisoners tried, the Times when, their Crimes, and their Punishment. By Mr. Salmon. In two volumes. ...
Publisherprinted by and for R. Reilly, on Cork-Hill, and and sold by the booksellers




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