The compleat distiller: or the whole art of distillation practically stated

Publication Date1705
RemainderAnd Adorned with all the New Modes of Working now in Use. In which is Contained, The Way of making Spirits, Aquavitae, Artificial Brandy, and their Application to Simple and Compound Waters in the exact Pondus of the Greater and Lesser Composition; as also many Curious and Profitable Truths for the exalting of Liquors, being the Epitomy and Marrow of the whole Art; supplying all that is omitted in the London Distiller, French Baker, &c. Experience being the true Polisher hereof. To which is added, Pharmacop?ia spagyrica nova: Or an Helmontian Course; being a Description of the Philosophical Sal-Armoniack, Volatile Salt of Tartar, and Circulatum Minus, &c. Together with their Use and Office in Preparing Powers, Arcanums, Magisteries, and Quintessences, the Dose and Vertues being Annexed. The second edition, with alterations and additions. Illustrated with copper sculptures. By W. Y-Worth, Medicinae Professor in Doctrinis Spagyricis & per Ignem Philosophus
Publisherprinted for J. Taylor, at the Ship in St. Paul's Church-Yard



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