Twelve sermons preached at the New Jerusalem Temple

Publication Date1796
Remainderin Red-Cross-Street, near Cripplegate, London, on the Following Subjects: I. The Creation of Man by the Triune God, and his Prerogatives defined, Gen. i. 26, 27. II. The Christian's Golden Chain, or the Divine Human Titles of the Lord, Isa. ix. 6. III. The Lord's Thirst on the Cross, John xix. 28, 29, 30. IV. The true Nature of the Atonement, Isa. liii. 5. V. Spiritual Magnetism, or the Nature of that Faith which removes Mountains, Mark xi. 22, 23. VI. Simon sifted as Wheat, and upheld by the Lord, Luke xxii. 31, 32. Vii. The Sin against the Holy Ghost, Matt. xii. 31, 32. Viii. Encouragement for Babes in the Church, Isa. xxxv. 3. IX. Elijah fed by Ravens, 1 Kings xvii, 6, 7. X. The Lord passing by before Elijah, 1 Kings xix. 11, 12. XI. The utter Downfall of the Roman Catholic Babylon, Rev. xviii. 21. XII. Death a Continuation of Life, John xi. 23, 24, 25. By Manoah Sibly, N. H. S. and Servant of our Lord Jesus Christ
Publisherprinted by R. Hindmarsh, Printer to his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Old-Bailey. And sold by the author, No. 35, Goswell-Street; at the Temple, Red-Cross-Street; and by all booksellers in town and country. 1796=40




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