A complete body of divinity

Publication Date1729
RemainderConsisting of five parts: I. Of the being, nature, and attributes of god, and of the evidences of divine revelation. II. Of the works of creation, and providence. III. Of the most memorable transactions, from the beginning of the world, to the coming of Christ; with proper dissertations upon each. IV. Of the mysteries of our most holy faith. V. Of the great precepts of moral and evangelical righteousness. The whole extracted from the best ancient and modern writers, but chiefly from the works of such, as have been reputed the most able divines, and celebrated preachers amongst us. To which are added, two tables, 1. An alphabetical table of the chief matters. 2. A table of texts of scripture explain'd, and more especially referred to in this work
PublisherPrinted for J. Batley at the Dove in Paster-noster Row, and T. Cox at the Lamb under the Royal-Exchange, Cornhill


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