A new dictionary of trade and commerce

Publication Date1756
Remaindercompiled from the information of the most eminent merchants, and from the works of the best writers on commercial subjects, in all languages. Containing, among other Things, I. An Account of all the natural Productions, which are conducive to Trade, throughout the World. II. The different Manufactures established in each particular Country. III. Explanations of all the Terms used in Commerce. IV. Explanations of the principal Terms of Geography, Astronomy, and Navigation, so far as they are connected with Trade. V. An exact Account of the Coins, Weights, and Measures in use throughout the World, reduced to the English Standard. VI. A Description of the Established Banks, Trading Companies, and Staple Commodities, of different Countries. Vii. The State of the British Trade, National Debt, Funds, Customs, Excise, and other Taxes. Viii. The Laws relative to Trade and Commerce. For the Use of the Merchants and Tradesmen of Great Britain, as well as of private Gentlemen. By Mr. Rolt, with the assistance of several eminent merchants
Publisherprinted for T. Osborne and J. Shipton; J. Hodges; J. Newbery; G. Keith; and B. Collins


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