The secret history of Europe. Part I. Shewing that the late greatness of the French power was never so much owing to the number or goodness of their troops, and the Conduct of their Ministry at Home, as to the treachery and corruption of the ministers abroad. Giving a full Account, I. Of the Insincerity of England, Sweden, and Holland, in the Triple League. II. Of the Sieur De Wit's Correspondence with France, and his Murder by the Rabble. III. Of the close Alliance between Charles II. and Lewis XIV. IV. Of the Poisoning of Madam Orleans. V. Of the Intrigues of Mr. Montague Ambassador in France, and the Earl of Danby Treasurer in England. VI. Of the Secret Treaty between King James and the French King. The whole Collected from Authentick Memoirs, as well Manuscript as Printed

Publication Date1724
Publisherprinted for J. Pemberton, at the Buck and Sun against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-Street



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