The secret history of Europe. Part III. Containing, I. A Review of the Reign of King Charles II. from the Year 1670, to 1678, taken from the Memoirs of a Person of Quality, never before Printed. II. The Proceedings of the Pension Parliament, with a List of the Pensioners, and a State of the Pensions. III. The Account the Papists gave of King Charles's Death, and his dying a Papist. IV. Several State Letters of the Duke of Monmouth, Duke of Albemarle, Bishop of Durham, Bishop of Rochester, Earl of Mulgrave, and other Persons of Distinction. V. The Opposition given to the Revolution, with Lists of such as Voted in Both Houses against it. VI. The Articles of the Private Treaty between the French King and the late King James, upon his going to Ireland in the Year 1689. Vii. The Attempts of France to engage King William in a Separate Peace, and the several Projects She propos'd for it; Her Intrigues with the Turks, Poles, Hungarians, Germans, the Dukes of Bavaria, Savoy, and Mantua; Her Encroachments on Her Neighbours in Time of Peace; Her Erecting Chambers of Claims and Re-Unions; the Proceedings in them, &c

Publication Date1724
Publisherprinted for J. Pemberton, at the Buck and Sun against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-Street



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