A view of the whole system of popery

Publication Date1781
RemainderUnder the following heads: I. On the supremacy of the Pope. II. Of the Infallibility of the Pope and Church. III. Of the Scriptures and Tradition. IV. The Doctrine of Justification. V. The Idolatrous Worship of the Church of Rome. VI. The Hypocritical Worship of the Papists. Vii. The Immorality of the Church of Rome. Viii. The Corruption of the positive Institutions of Baptism and the Lord's Supper; and the Monster of Transubstantiation. IX. The Persecutions and Cruelty of the Church of Rome. X. The various deceitful arts of the Papists to promote their cause. By the Rev. and learned Benjamin Bennet, Author of the Christian Oratory, or Religion of the Closet displayed
Publisherprinted for C. Dilly, Poultry, and J. Mathews, No 18, Strand


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